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ETI-TEXTIL employs cutting edge technology and installations to produce labels of the highest quality and at the best possible cost. The combination of textile weaving and graphic printing machinery at the same premises allows us to develop innovative products that provide creative solutions to the demanding fashion industry.

We currently rely on an important installation of state of the art electronic textile machinery dedicated to the production of all types of labels, ribbons and woven badges in a wide range of widths (from 10 mm up to and including 200 mm) and qualities (taffeta , Satin, damask, ultra-definition, extreme or tubular). We also employ more than 50 finishing machines equipped with the most up-to-date technology. Ultrasound edge treatment for very smooth finishes on the label, laser die-cutting, calendering are also available to generate high value added finishes.

In the graphic field, we have considerable lines of offset printing, continuous screen printing, flexography, typography, or digital printing presses that allow the printing and personalization of any label on any media, be it paper, cardboard, synthetic, or textile.

This quasi-vertical integration allows the entire production process to be managed within the company itself.