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What sets us apart

ETI-TEXTIL offers a wide range of products and solutions to meet the needs of any textile product, footwear or clothing accessories.

The entire strategy of the company is focused on generating added value for customers and in this approach, the customer is the main difference. Considering the customer the center of the focus and developing from there as many solutions and products as are necessary to meet their needs and improve the marketing of their product is one of the main competitive advantages that differentiate ETI-TEXTIL in the market.

Thus, customers find in ETI-TEXTIL:

1. Close and personalized attention according to the needs of each project.
2. A team of highly qualified and motivated people with a committed customer orientation that understand the needs of each product and customer to provide whatever solutions are necessary so as to generate added value to the final product.
3. An internationally established company able to meet global needs locally in each of the countries where it is located.
4. A company with advanced computer systems that allow the coordination of any supply program online, in any country in the world.
5. The possibility of coordinating complex programs with a single intermediary, unifying and simplifying the management of any labeling program.
6. A company equipped technologically with the most modern productive means that guarantee the quality and the consistency of supply.