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In the context of current times, which are characterized by Globalization and the trend to relocate production to other countries, ETI-TEXTIL has undergone a project of internationalization which enables to serve client’s needs anywhere in the world through the “Worldwide Label Solutions”.

With its facilities in Tangier (Morocco), Shanghai (China), Dhaka (Bangladesh), ETI-TEXTIL operates a complete global network. This gives the capabilities to coordinate and produce our complete line of products while providing some very important advantages:

1. International coordination of labeling programs.
2. Global management for Branding and label quality.
3. Comprehensive variable data management through advanced online systems.
4. Coordination of global volumes which reduces label costs.
5. Optimized efficiency of global label management.
6. Agility in production and service.

This global management program and the advantages it provides have enabled ETI-TEXTIL to have the trust of the main European retail textile companies.

This international delivery program is managed through advanced B2B tools that coordinate orders, production and supplies online in a fast and effective way.

Thus, through affiliations in third countries and the use of IT systems, ETI-TEXTIL’s customers find specific responses to the production and supply of labels in a global environment.

In recent years, ETI-TEXTIL has additionally been developing an investment program to diversify production and technology, enabling it to have a wide range of labeling products (woven labels, card labels, adhesive labels, RFID tags, etc.) which meet the needs of any product.