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ETI-TEXTIL is a Spanish company with over 35 years of experience manufacturing all kinds of labels and providing identification and coding solutions to the textile, apparel / clothing, shoe and leather industries. The company is headquartered in Spain, but also has affiliates in Morocco, China and Bangladesh so it can offer worldwide labelling solutions to retail companies with international production systems.

ETI-TEXTIL is a label manufacturer that specializes in managing labeling projects for retail operations via the wide range of products it offers. Among these are apparel labels, clothing labels, woven labels, composition labels, variable information labels (pricing, bar codes, etc.), continuous card labels, adhesive labels, RFID labels, transfers and much more.

All of these label supply projects are coordinated by sophisticated online systems that enable the management of any labeling program efficiently and lithely. Therefore, using B2B and B2C tools, ETI-TEXTIL can meet the labelling needs for clothes, or shoes in any country worldwide.

There is a representation of the different types of labels that ETI-TEXTIL offers you on this webpage.