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Adhesive Labels

ETI-TEXTIL produces all kinds of adhesive labels (stickers) on various media to meet the needs for identification and coding of any product.

What types of adhesive labels are available?

  • Custom adhesive labels in rolls

ETI-TEXTIL has the most advanced flexographic, screen printing, rotary letterpress, offset and digital printing machines, equipped with up to 8 colors, ultraviolet (UV) drying systems and inline die-cutting to produce the most diverse custom adhesive labels. These printing systems have all the necessary ancillary equipment to guarantee the quality and control of the product throughout the production process.

  • Adhesive plain labels in Rolls

These are the unprinted labels that are supplied in rolls, pre-punched and with the required size and/or shape.

These adhesive plain labels can be reprinted by thermal transfer to incorporate any information that may be required on the product (legal data, product information, expiration dates, weight, lot numbers, sales prices, etc.).

  • Plain labels in A-4 sheet format

Plain labels in A-4 sheet format can be used in laser or inkjet printers. ETI-TEXTIL has a catalog composed of more than 30 references of adhesive labels in A-4 sheets with different label sizes that will surely adapt to the needs of your application.

Click on the attached image to see all the available models.

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What materials can be used for the production of adhesive labels?

The availability of media for adhesive labels is quite diverse, you can choose from:

  • Coated paper with adhesive
  • Protected thermal paper with adhesive
  • Unprotected thermal paper with adhesive
  • Metallic paper with adhesive
  • Fluorescent paper with adhesive
  • White polypropylene with adhesive
  • Transparent polypropylene with adhesive

ETI-TEXTIL has an extensive stock of materials with multiple combinations and options of fronts and adhesives. Thus, after an exhaustive analysis of the product to be labeled and the conditions of the application, ETI-TEXTIL’s commercial department will recommend the specific solutions for each of the customer’s needs.

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