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Special Labels

A label for every need. This is what the R&D department at ETI-TEXTIL believes. It constantly works towards new developments in textured labels, textile ligaments, finishes, or special spinning to meet the most specific needs of the fashion sector.

These are some of the latest developments:

  • Natural Feel Labels

ETI-TEXTIL has developed labels woven with a special weaving technique that offers a new look and a very unique, natural feel. The use of these woven labels allows communication with consumers through the senses.

  • Labels for the Sight Impaired

This is another of the new proposals offered by ETI-TEXTIL which, like the previous one, is related to sense communication. In this case, through the application of special ligaments, it is possible to generate reliefs in the textile label that transmit information through touch to blind people. This development extends the communication channels with the user for the identification of products.

This proposal is being evaluated and used by the main brands that have among their attributes the improvement of the living conditions of people with disabilities.

  • Labels for Spare Buttons

The best products always obey the necessity to satisfy an unresolved need. Frequently, the user who buys a coat, jacket, or blazer has a problem when they need to change one of the buttons. Where is the replacement button that the jacket had when you bought it? Not knowing how or why, the button has disappeared. To solve this and ensure that the button is at your disposal when you need it, ETI-TEXTIL has developed a woven label in tubular quality that enables it to contain the replacement buttons inside. This label with two-sided fabric closes at the top by sewing it to the garment, ensuring that the button will always remain available to the user when needed.

  • MIX Labels

The coexistence of weaving and textile printing systems at ETI-TEXTIL’s facilities allows to develop very exclusive qualities. This is the case of the development known as MIX, which is the fruit of the stamping of a woven label. Thus, this combination (MIX) between weaving and printing enables ETI – TEXTIL to obtain backgrounds with very bright and intense colors and very well defined profiles, maintaining the possibility of weaving the logo or brand. The backgrounds of these labels have personality, color and character since it can reproduce images and effects in full color.

  • Net Woven Labels

Textile label weaving with a transparent grid effect generates a very novel and high impact effect that brings a touch of distinction and modernity to your product.

This grid effect can totally or partially cover the label and can even be applied in certain areas of the drawing to generate very special results. Here you will find some examples of what can be done.

  • Embossed Woven Labels

ETI-TEXTIL has the necessary technology for the reproduction of your logo in relief on any woven label, ribbon or textile badge. This can be a great option to differentiate your product. The effect of the logo or brand on the fabric itself will produce a novel and attractive appearance.

Legal notice: Products not exposed for sale. It reproduces as a sample of our technical capacity. The distinctive signs belong to their respective owners.