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Hang tag labels

Hang tag labels, also known as tag labels are widely used in clothing, apparel, footwear, household textiles among other possibilities.

ETI-TEXTIL employs an extensive assembly of printing and graphic finishing machinery to produce high quality labels and with high visual impact effects that will enable you to have labels that attract the consumer’s attention at the point of sale.

What materials can hang tag labels be printed on for clothing, footwear, etc.?

ETI-TEXTIL has a catalog with a wide assortment of media with different weights and micronage, such as:

  • Coated cardboard
  • Offset cardboard (matte)
  • Folding
  • Embossed cardboard with very exclusive textures
  • Coloured cardboards
  • Metallic cardboard

How many colours can be printed?

There is no limit on colors. You can make your design both in four-color (CMYK) and in spot colors.

What finishes can be applied to Hang-Tag labels?

Finishes acquire an important role in the objective of obtaining a distinctive label. For this reason, ETI-TEXTIL has multiple technologies to achieve these finishes:

  • Matte or Gloss Plastified Paper

Plastified paper, either in matte or gloss adds a layer on the label to protect the ink that exists on the surface of the cardboard. In this way it is fully protected. The plasticizer offers a very soft touch to the hang tag label.

  • UV Coating

The UV coating finish allows the printing of any logo or form with transparent glossy ink on the label, thus generating the optical effect of a watermark that offers a high added value.

  • Stamping

Stamping will generate a metallic effect on your label. ETI-TEXTIL has a catalog of more than 15 different metallic film colors that will allow you to develop hang tag labels with a very attractive image.

  • Relief

The relief technique permits the highlighting of any detail inside the hang tag label design by using height of textures. This finish allows the combination of printing effects with those of the relief itself, thus obtaining some very interesting visual effects.

  • Layering

Layering is a finish that is increasingly in demand. Fashion trends are focusing on developing ever-thicker hang tag labels with greater visual and tactile impact. For this reason, layering allows the gluing of several layers of cardboard or paper, resulting in very high thicknesses for hang tag labels.

How can hang tag labels be applied to products?

When it comes to hang tag labels for clothes, apparel, shoes, or other products, the label can be applied by a string, or with a plastic seal. You can consult the “Other products” section, where you will find hang tag application solutions.

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