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Woven labels

ETI-TEXTIL produces all kinds of personalized labels with your brand or logo. For the manufacture of woven labels (also known as fabric labels), ETI-TEXTIL has a wide range of colors in stock with varied availability of measurements, qualities and finishes. All this allows the company to meet the broader needs of the market.

Our development department (R & D) is constantly researching the creation of new textures, textile ligaments and special effects that improve the appearance of labels for clothing, footwear and more.

What are the standard measurements for the production of woven labels?

ETI-TEXTIL can produce any custom label in the width that is necessary, from 7 mm wide and up to 200 mm. As for the length, there is no limitation. Labels can be produced in whatever length you may need.

What label qualities are available?

ETI – TEXTIL can produce any woven label in any fabric quality, such as :

  • Taffeta
  • Satin
  • Tubular
  • Damask – High Definition
  • Ultra definition
  • Extreme

What finishes can be applied to woven labels?

ETI-TEXTIL utilizes an important array of machinery for the finishing of labels, thus being able to supply labels:

  • In rolls
  • Straight cut
  • End folded
  • Center folded
  • Manhattan folded
  • Mittre Folded
  • Die cut and with adhesive
  • Laser die cut badges

How can you choose the colours of your woven label? What colours are available?

A personalized label is applied on a product to convey the brand, corporate values, product identity and more to the consumer. Being aware of the important communication function that the label plays in the marketing process of any product, ETI-TEXTIL proposes a spinning of colors for fabric labels that allow to represent corporate colors with the highest reliability and guarantee.

To which products can custom fabric labels be applied?

Labels for clothing (clothing labels or apparel labels), labels for shoes, labels for bags and other accessories are just some of the existing applications. In general, ETI-TEXTIL produces all kinds of personalized labels for any product that needs to be able to identify its brand and to generate a distinction when presented to consumers at the point of sale.

Legal notice: Products not exposed for sale. It reproduces as a sample of our technical capacity. The distinctive signs belong to their respective owners.