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Continuous Cardboard Labels

Card labels can be supplied loose or in rolls (continuous). The use of continuous cardboard labels is specially designed for those cases in which the hang tag label requires a reprint of some variable data (price, size, barcode, etc.). When it is required to add such information, it can be done by applying an adhesive label on the back of the hang tag label. 

This has some drawbacks, such as the aesthetics of having an adhesive on the back of the tag label, or the economical, due to the high cost involved in the manual application of the adhesive label on the cardboard.

The reprinting of this information in small series is expensive when the hanging tag is already die-cut and released. Therefore, in order to solve the difficulties mentioned above, ETI-TEXTIL has developed continuous cardboard labels, which allow you to perform a thermal transfer reprint on the label in a continuous process, thus achieving a high operation speed and at reduced cost. The absence of adhesives, the aesthetic improvement, the elimination of manual placement of additional labels are some of the important advantages that this option presents.

All that is needed to implement this solution is a thermal printer that is standard and very common in the market.

ETI-TEXTIL has rotary printing systems for the production of this type of continuous hang tag labels with the possibility of printing on 1 or 2 sides and up to a total of 8 colors.

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