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Woven Ribbons

Woven ribbons can be used as decorative trimmings, seam covers or borders. The high definition ETI – TEXTIL systems can obtain gives the ability to reproduce designs at an impressive level of quality and accuracy.

As with woven labels, woven ribbons can be produced from 7mm to 200mm wide and in any of the available qualities (taffeta, satin, tubular, damask-high definition, ultra definition, or extreme).

Woven ribbons are usually demanded by companies and fashion brands for application in jeans (denim), shirts and other garments, as well as shoes and boots. They are also applied to belts, in which case the product is intended to be decorated and distinguished through colors, graphics, or logos that are represented in the ribbons.

ETI-TEXTIL has a design catalog of standard tapes from which to choose, however, it is specialized in the production of customized ribbons where customized and personalized designs are reproduced with any colors, anagrams, logos and any other element you may require.

Legal notice: Products not exposed for sale. It reproduces as a sample of our technical capacity. The distinctive signs belong to their respective owners.