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ETI-TEXTIL puts a wide range of SOLUTIONS at your disposal with the goal of generating value in your company and improving the communication of your products at the point of sale. Being able to have a label that transmits your brand and company values to the consumer, allows adequate management of the whole production or logistics chains and facilitates processing in the point of sale can be the key differences to successful operations.

To this end, ETI-TEXTIL offers you:

  • Comprehensive labeling service

Whatever you manufacture, ETI-TEXTIL has the answer to the needs of your product. We offer you a complete set of solutions which cover all requirements. Whether they are woven labels, ribbons or badges, clothing labels, apparel labels, care labels or barcode labels, RFID tags, coded cardboard labels, etc. ETI-TEXTIL places the solution at your fingertips

  • Worldwide labeling service

Because the world changed many years ago. Because production management is dispersed in multiple locations. And because the needs to generate an image of quality and uniformity at the point of sale remain the key to distinction. ETI-TEXTIL offers a labeling coordination service in that global context, which will give you access to your labels anywhere you manufacture so that once your products are displayed at the point of sale, the consumer does not perceive indications of different origins.

The complexity of global management grows as the origins of production increase. ETI-TEXTIL has the necessary means to manage variable data (sales prices, bar codes, sizes, size equivalents by country, etc.) for the production of any label in a global environment. Everything you need is planned in this global supply program, where you will find a “turnkey” service.

  • Coding service

Each product has an individual sales price. It has a different size. It has a different size range. All this parameterization is part of the label coding service that ETI-TEXTIL has designed. You can count on complete management that will allow you only to apply the label to the product without having to participate in the management of all the variable data or coding.

  • Retailer information service

Do you need to know the status of your order online? Do you want to know when your suppliers have received the labels in order to start the production process? Would you like to get advanced reports that will allow you to monitor the management of your labeling in a global environment? Well, ETI-TEXTIL puts those tools at your disposal so that labeling management in a global environment is quick and easy.