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Values ​​make up the DNA of the company. It is the code that governs all the people who form a part of the ETI-TEXTIL team, and through which they justify and find the reason for being day to day.

ETI–TEXTIL’s main values are:

  • Professionalism

One of the main added values is the professionalism of ETI – TEXTIL team. It believes that the label is a vital communication tool for the product. For this reason, the daily goal is to create and produce labels with the highest possible standards of quality and innovation.

  • Leadership

At ETI-TEXTIL the concept of leadership is considered a vocation of constant orientation and customer service. Therefore, every operation and process have been meticulously designed with the needs and concerns of our clients as the primary objective. Understanding this concept in this way is what has consolidated ETI-TEXTIL as a point of reference in the European label industry.

  • Dynamism

All of the operations and processes are designed in a dynamic environment and are in constant evolution. Under the most demanding standards of design, innovation, production and internationalization, clients are provided with advanced, creative solutions for their label management needs, dynamically and in a global environment.

  • Proactivity

1. The objective is to anticipate the needs of the market, the client and the product itself. This quality of proactivity is managed on different levels.

2. Development of products and solutions. The R&D department is in constant evolution in order to be able to offer the most innovative proposals and solutions.

3. Development of online management systems that facilitate communication with clients, providing quality, valuable information for them.

4. Implementation of a documented quality control system that ensures the process remains within the specified parameters.

5. Control of all phases of the production process by barcode assisted systems so that any possible incidents can be anticipated during production.

  • Commitment

Our first commitment is always to your satisfaction. You can expect a product of exceptional quality, design and innovation that will not only meet your expectations, but also fulfil the needs of your product while improving its presentation and communication in the market place. The entire team that makes up this project is dedicated on a daily basis to ensure our client’s satisfaction.

  • Generation of added value to our clients

Passion for innovation is what has driven ETI – TEXTIL to reach the objective year after year:
Being a source of added value to all clients. Value can be generated through labelling and to this end, strictest standards of quality throughout the entire process are maintained. From the sales phase (to correctly evaluate the needs of the product) up to and including the finishing phase, where the correct execution of these processes allow ETI – TEXTIL to obtain labels with soft textures and finishes that make all the difference.

  • Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm is the one things that makes the difference. It can make a good product into an excellent one. Enthusiasm is the driving force in ETI – TEXTIL team. Together with the other values, the products and solutions that are offered are the absolute best they can be. Our passion for detail and commitment to a job well done have enabled ETI – TEXTIL to increase the standards of quality on a daily basis.