How to manage labeling in global environments

Managing labeling can be difficult, especially in a global context, where merchandise comes from different origins, and therefore, it is important to coordinate the production of labels in order to have homogeneity at the sales point.

Why is it important to coordinate and manage labeling?

Managing the production of clothing or footwear in third countries through outsourcing is really common. The label, which is the communication element through which the consumer perceives the brand, the logo, the corporate colors… must be well coordinated and produced so once the product is displayed at the sales point, it is always represented the branding, and the consumer perceives homogeneity and quality in the communication.

This is the way that we work in ETI – TEXTIL, we manage labeling projects for retail companies that carry out their productions externally.

In which countries does ETI – TEXTIL offer its global labeling solution?

Nowadays, in ETI – TEXTIL we are implanted in Spain, China and Morocco, from where we coordinate, produce and carry out the logistics of all types of labels for the productions that European retailers manage in any of the three continents, Europa, Asia or Africa. From any of these three implementations we produce and deliver, either in these countries or in the surrounding countries, being very common, and with extensive experience in the supply of labels in any country in the world from any of these three implantations. For this, we have logistics partners that allow us to make deliveries in any country in terms of 48-72 hours at reduced costs.

How does ETI – TEXTIL coordinate these production and supply programs?

For the management of these global supply programs, we have online tools that allow us to make a complete coordination, from the approval of the branding by the retailer owner of the brand, to the management of the orders by the suppliers, passing through the production and logistics of labels. Everything is under the control of our b2b system, which performs an exhaustive monitoring and control of all phases of the process.

This advanced b2b tool allows us to perform a dynamic coordination of each project, production and order. It has an alert system that monitors the entire process to avoid bottlenecks, or “brakes” of the process in any of the phases that we have defined. In this way, it automatically manages communications so that the different people working with us, whether the retailer, the supplier of the product, or our own structure producing the label, are perfectly coordinated and aligned to ensure that the entire communication and production work with dynamism.

This system has been designed after more than 30 years of experience in the management of retail labeling, allowing us to achieve a very agile and efficient management in the supply programs that we coordinate.

How does the B2B system work?

The B2B is a meeting point between the retailer, the product supplier, ETI – TEXTIL, and all the label production centers in third countries.

From our headquarters in Spain we coordinate the development of labeling. Once the retailer approves the labeling, we load all the information on the B2B system to make it available to all the product suppliers the labeling management necessary for the productions that they carry out for the retailer. From now on, the management is dynamic, and is completely centralized in the B2B portal. In this way, when the retailer needs any change, evolution or updating of its labeling, it is managed directly with our commercial department, and through a single interlocutor, its instructions are implemented quickly and dynamically in B2B to update the information for ALL suppliers in real time.

Regularly, generally every day, we load the information that each retailer provides us about the labels orders that they want us to manage. In this information we find the product orders that you have made, for which we receive variable information, such as supplier, sales price, references, barcodes, sizes, size ranges… All this information is loaded into the system and from this moment, there is an automated management for the treatment of all the variable data, which is made available to the supplier of the product. After confirming the order, in a few days the supplier receives the labeling already finished and fully codified. This process is very agile, and it makes it easier for product suppliers to have their labels before the beginning of their productions, without having to worry about developments, codifications, colors, … Everything is completely solved and ready to be used in your production.

By doing so, we simplify and manage the entire labeling process, guaranteeing the homogeneity and integrity of the information we manage. The fact that all the information is processed in an automated way, without manual management, and in a global context, allow us to offer a service of added value for the retailer, which ends up focusing on its purchase process, without participating or dealing with the management of labeling. We do a “key” service, where we offer a complete labeling solution in any country in the world.

What kind of labels can be managed through the B2B system?

From the of ETI – TEXTIL B2B system we can manage any order related to ALL kind of labels that we offer on a regular basis for all customers. Thus, through this platform, not only is it possible to offer a “global labeling solution”, but it is also a “complete labeling service” that handles all types of labels that the customer-retailer may need:

     Woven labels

     Care composition labels

     Hang tags

     Variable data labels


     RFID labels

If you manage your production or purchase globally, contact us, and let us share with you our extensive experience in labeling management. We would like to show you how we cann add value to your company through these advanced solutions that we propose

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