Fabric bracelets for events. A new formula for effective communication

ETI – TEXTIL launches a new product line related to fabric wristbands for events. These are totally customized textile bracelets, with the colors and logos chosen by the customer.

The cloth bracelets allow to generate a great visual impact among the attendees of any event. The possibility of personalizing them with the name of the event, the corporate colors of the brand, … allows to achieve the objective of transmitting and communicating the image through the bracelet.

It is a publicity of high impact and profitability, since it is common for attendees to keep the bracelets on their wrists not only during the celebration of the event, but also afterwards. In this way, the brand accompanies the person in his daily life, generating constant impacts, both in his mind and in the environment around him.

These cloth bracelets can also be used as bracelets for access control. For this use, ETI – TEXTIL has developed a safety closure that guarantees that when the bracelet is applied on the wrist, it can not be removed without breaking the tape.

Contact us and let us advise you on the different alternatives and solutions we have foreseen.

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