New collection of textile ribbons and shields for trend of patchwork

The patchwork returns as a fashion trend to customize all kinds of garments. Whether clothing, footwear or clothing accessories, in the latest salons that collect fashionable news shows a clear trend towards patchwork.

What is patchwork?

It is a fashion that was already seen there by the 80’s, and has now returned with great force. It is about applying textile tapes, fabric labels, woven shields, … on clothing, shoes or any complement of clothing to customize it. Thus, it is frequent to find jeans full of labels on the outside, pockets with woven ribbons representing ethnic, geometric, …, shoes with shields on the outside, …

From ETI – TEXTIL we have wanted to join this trend, and for this occasion we have developed a collection of ribbons and woven shields that will allow you to personalize and give a touch of distinction to your product.

In case this is not enough, we inform you that we can produce any label, ribbon or shield with your own custom designs. So, you create the design, you decide the size and the color, and we reproduce it in fabric for you. The final result will be very visible. Your product will have a distinctive touch that will make it unique.

Do you want to join this new trend? Contact us. Together we will develop something that will be worth it and that will certainly generate a great visual impact on your product.

We will wait for you!

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